23 SepLowell’s Seattle

Lowell’s is a restaurant and bar at Pike Place Market with fantastic views of Puget Sound. The first and third floors are more of a “Fast food” option where you order at the counter, sit down and then your food is delivered to your table. We went for breakfast and opted for sit down service on the second floor. With a tagline of “Almost classy since 1957″ we figured we would fit right in.

I had the Lowell’s incredible breakfast tacos. They were a delicious mix of chorizo, cotija cheese, scrambled eggs and salsa on corn tortillas. The hash browns were crispy and buttery and soft in the middle which is all I require when it comes to hash browns. I washed this down with a yummy mimosa. The server assured me that the above was gluten free and I had no problems.

Lowell's mimosa

Lowells breakfast taco gluten free

My husband was unhappy with Lowell’s breakfast bowl. This comes with bacon, cheddar & green onion biscuits, poached eggs, and hashbrowns, all topped with sausage gravy. While he felt the taste was fine, the biscuits were cold in the middle. Major no no.

Based on my breakfast I would happily return. Based on my husbands, we likely won’t.

20 SepCantina Laredo at DFW airport

This is a previous adventure that I had forgotten to post. On our house hunting trip to Seattle we flew out of DFW as usual. We would be served a meal on the flight but I would obviously not be partaking since American Airlines doesn’t cater gluten free meals for domestic flights.

I was super excited to find the Cantina Laredo right next to our gate and with a Gluten Free Menu no less! This made flying so much more enjoyable. I had chips and salsa to snack on and a fantastic salad. If I remember correctly I had the ensalada de cilantro y pollo. The greens were fresh and the cilantro lime dressing was tart. I was a happy camper eating my Mexican food while everyone else ate plane food. All I was missing was a margarita.

cantina laredo salsa

cantina laredo salad

16 SepLa Lot Seattle

La Lot is a recently opened Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Seattle. It happened to be on the first level of the apartment complex where we stayed while waiting to close on our condo. It appears to be a busy lunch hangout which makes sense based on it’s location downtown. We found it easier to get a table during dinner and thoroughly enjoyed listening in on the scandalous bar conversation while we were there.

The space is bright and modern and staff was friendly. Both times I have been there it has been no problem to get help confirming my choice was gluten free.

I had the Viet Curry which consists of coconut cream, potatoes and lemongrass. I had mine with shrimp, rice and no baguette obviously. This was delicious. Spicy and sweet and tart, with the potatoes seemed like it would be the perfect cold weather comfort meal.

La Lot Gluten Free
Pardon my mess…

09 SepBiscuit Bitch at Caffe Lieto

Gluten free biscuits and gravy. Yes that is correct, gluten free biscuits and gravy. And they are slap yo momma good.

These amazing concoctions come courtesy of the Biscuit Bitch at Caffe Lieto. God bless them the entire menu can be done gluten free. Just ask for gluten free biscuits with the gluten free mushroom gravy and pick any additional toppings.

I have been twice and ordered the easy bitch both times. This is biscuits and gravy topped with two eggs over easy. I have to be really hungry to finish it.


biscuit bitch

I would love to try some other versions from the menu but I feel like this is not someplace I can go weekly unless I want to buy larger pants. So patience is needed in this quest.

The cafe is tiny and seating limited so my advice is to ask for your breakfast to go and take it down to the water front to eat.

06 SepDahlia Lounge

Welcome to Seattle….Dahlia Lounge was our part of our introduction to Tom Douglas who is a bit of a home town hero chef. Based on the restaurants of his we have visited so far we understand why.

Eating gluten free here was no problem. The server was very knowledgeable and helpful with choices and did a fantastic job through out the dinner service.

The restaurant is high end and quite expensive, but it was delicious food and a nice excuse to get somewhat dressed up. Aside – I have found that in Seattle while you can get all dressed to go out if you wish, you certainly don’t have to – causal is king here.

I had steamed clams to start and they were delicious.

Dahlia lounge clams

For the main course I had the best salmon of my life!! It was grilled and plated atop lentils and cherries (which were in season at the time). It was tart, sweet and yummy and I just couldn’t stop gushing about it over dinner.

Dahlia Lounge salmon

This is high on my list of places to return for dinner, thought it is more of a special occasion place than a “hey lets stop in for dinner,” kinda place. I highly recommend.

02 SepGluten Free Adventures on the Road

Our love of travel typically involves airplanes, not cars. But up next is an epic 4 day road trip from Dallas, Texas to our new home in Seattle, Washington. We have a dog, who I refuse to put on a plane, so we had no choice but to drive his fluffy white cuteness across the country. This was quite an adventure.


Planning meals for a road trip is similar to a plane trip in that I loaded up on gluten free snack bars, self contained fruits like bananas and oranges and nuts. What was difficult was eating meals along the way. We knew where we planned to stop each evening so I was able to do some research as to where I could eat. As for the rest of the trip….we didn’t have rest stops planned so this was a bit more up in the air – something that makes any traveling gluten intolerant person nervous.

I did best by sticking with old standbys. Shout out to Wendy’s, Jimmy Johns, Outback Steakhouse, PF Changs and surprisingly, McDonalds.

What follows is just a summary of what I ate and where that is intended to serve as ideas for future trips or ideas to others when traveling. If you have any other go-to travel stops please let me know.

Wendys – Good old Wendy’s Chili. This stuff is filling and reliably gluten free. A frosty is also a great dessert.


PF Changs outside of Denver Colorado. They have a gluten free menu and I have always had good luck here so this was an obvious choice and a nice departure from fast food. We picked this up as take out and I was impressed at the labels on the food to ensure there was not a mix up. I had the Singapore street noodles and the Vietnamese crab salad. This ended up being too much food so I ate the salad for dinner and saved most of the noodles for breakfast which worked out well. (We did have a microwave in the hotel room).

PF Chang

PF chang's

PF Chang's Singapore Street Noodles

Outback steakhouse in Boise Idaho was dinner the following night. They scored on this one. I had called and ordered the Aussie chicken cob salad. I said that my order was gluten free and they got that, but I had apparently forgotten to specifically state that I needed the grilled chicken, not the breaded chicken. When my husband got there (we ordered takeout) as they were slapping the gluten free label on the box the employee noted that they had used the breaded chicken. They went back to remake my salad without my husband having to ask. I so appreciate that they caught this before my husband drove home with a dinner I could not eat.

Outback chicken cobb salad

And finally McDonald’s…the eggs. They are prepared with various not good for you hydrogenated oils and such, so I certainly would not recommend eating them regularly. But as a protein for breakfast or morning snack when in a pinch this worked out well. When traveling across the country by car you can always find a McDonald’s. Side note – big thanks to McDonald’s in 5 different states for having reliably clean and working restrooms. Never have I so appreciated their ubiquitousness than on this trip. (No egg pic because it was not really that exciting – y’all know what scrambled eggs look like).

30 AugWildflour gluten free pizza in Santa Monica

Wildflour Pizza is a pizza place on main street in Santa Monica California that has a gluten free crust available for their pizzas. The crust is from a local vendor. As with any pizza joint that makes regular pizza crust there may be cross contamination so this is something to consider though the three of us (my mother, sister and I) had not obvious issues.

Wildflour pizza

One plus here is that they deliver to Santa Monica. I feel like delivery of a gluten free pizza is a novel thing and I love it.

We ordered the spinach salad with no croutons, a pepperoni pizza and the house special pizza. All were delicious. It is always so difficult to review pizza since most pizza is good and quite often pizza is really good. Really the only terrible gluten free pizza I have had was Z’s pizza in Flower Mound Texas. This was definitely in the really good category. I may, however, prefer Fresh Brothers. Maybe a comparison challenge is in order?

spinach salad

Gluten free pepperoni pizza

Gluten free house special pizza

26 AugTrue Food Kitchen in Santa Monica

B had raved about the gluten free lasagna !?!? the last time she was here so of course when visiting last I insisted on tasting such a delicacy. It lived up to the hype.

I had no idea until I started writing this post that True Food Kitchen is a concept restaurant from Dr. Andrew Weil. It is based on his anti-inflammatory diet principals. I just figured it was another one of those healthy LA type places. Either way it was delicious.

We had salad, pizza, tacos and lasagna – a bit of everything.

First out was the strawberry chopped salad. This was strawberries, walnuts, peas, fennel and goat cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette. For some reason fruit often freaks me out in salads but the strawberries went so well with the tart balsamic vinegar dressing and the goat cheese.

True Food Kitchen salad

Next up was the chicken sausage pizza. While I prefer the classic pepperoni, the chicken sausage was nice and spice and they did not skimp on the sause.

True Food Kitchen gluten free pizza

The tacos were fine – love the pickled onion – but not the best ever. The beans, however, were fantastic. They were spicy and smokey and just amazing. I would order this again just for the beans. Or just ask for a side of beans maybe.

True Food Kichen Tacos

And the star of the show was the gluten free turkey lasagna. The ooey-gooey browned cheese on top was just heavenly. The sauce was tart and the noodles held up. They were not the gluten free type that fall apart into chunks.

True Food Kitchen gluten free lasagna

The lasagna is absolutely a must have in my opinion.

23 AugThe Reel Inn Malibu

I love this place. Sadly, whenever the news reports on wildfires near Malibu my first thought is always “I hope the Reel Inn is ok.” Selfish and pathetic – yes, but true because it is one of my favorite places.

The fish is simple and delicious. But really it is the atmosphere that gets me. This is come as you are no matter if that be covered in salt water from recently surfing or dressed “casually” to the nines from shopping in Malibu. Your choices are written on several chalk boards and you pick your fish and let them know how you want it cooked. Then choose your sides and you are done. Scope out a table on the deck and get ready.

My favorite is the monkfish which I request grilled though they don’t always have it. Coleslaw and french fries complete my meal. These are gluten free and life is good.

Reel Inn

What is missing is a picture of the view. You are on the edge of the mountains looking at hills on one side and across a road to the Pacific ocean on the other. The trees on the patio give a mix of shade and sun. Yes there is traffic between you and the ocean but somehow it doesn’t matter. I could happily spend several hours here just sitting and eating and sitting some more.

16 AugGluten Free at LAX

I was so excited to find real gluten free food in terminal 4 on my last trip through Los Angeles international airport. SSammy’s Woodfired Pizza.

They have an abbreviated menu at the airport versus their regular venues but it was enough for me. They do not have gluten free pizza but they do have gluten free salads clearly marked on the menu. I had the balsamic grilled chicken salad which included walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese and basil. Much better than chips and a banana.

Sammy's Woodfired pizza salad